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At Georgia Title Search we deploy the latest technologies, in concert with certified title abstractors, to product dependable property title reports.

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Title research is no minor task. We know you depend on 100% accurate reporting, and we guarantee it. Our title researchers are statewide, which enables us to research all counties in Georgia timely and efficiently.

Georgia Property Current Owner Search

We service custom and commercial projects too.We research for current ownership, two owners, or for judgments, liens, deed history, and more. We handle research related to commercial property development, foreclosures, raw land, or mineral rights. Call to inquire.

About Records Research in Georgia

Welcome to the world of property title research and real estate abstract reports in Georgia, a realm where the complexities of land ownership are demystified. As a leading provider in this field, we offer an incredibly comprehensive range of services, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our record turnaround times, competitive pricing, and guaranteed accuracy.

Comprehensive Property Title Research

For over 2 decades, we have been leveraging our extensive network of certified title abstractors to provide our clients with the most comprehensive reports available. Our services include deed chains, current owner searches, transfers of ownership, open mortgages, judgments and liens, tax liens, UCCs, co-ops, real estate assessed value, property encroachments, and recorded document and deed image copies.

Our dedication to perfection is evident in our customer service-driven approach. We have earned the trust and business of a diverse range of clientele, including:

  • federal government agencies
  • insurance companies
  • banks
  • environmental agencies
  • lawyers
  • real estate investors
  • government agencies
Rest assured, our comprehensive research capabilities cover every property within the state, ensuring 100% coverage.

Simplifying Complexities of Real Estate Abstracts

Navigating property title research has historically been a complex endeavor involving multiple city, county, and state officials. Figuring out which documents to obtain, how to obtain them, and from where can be challenging. However, our real estate abstract reports provide you with all the relevant document information, including copies of the documents themselves if needed.

We have streamlined the research process by expediting areas under our control, such as order processing, routing, and property data extraction. Our proprietary software automates data reliability and accuracy tasks, allowing our researchers and vendors to promptly commence searching for your public records.

Our Commitment to Exceptional Customer Care

Our commitment to exceptional customer care begins with your first order, email, chat, or phone call and continues until you are completely satisfied with our research findings. Our business has evolved from a response to the need for reliable property research into one of the leading providers of title research in Georgia. Georgia Title Search is ready to serve you, and our knowledgeable service representatives are available to discuss your specific requirements today. Call 1-770-525-7701


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